Social Contribution Activities

MOL’s primary social contribution activities

MOL's primary social contribution activities


Forest Protection Activity

Inspired by MOL Head Office’s beach cleanup project, the MOL (America) Inc. Chicago Office has undertaken the forest protection activity at Du Page County since 2011.

Volunteer Participation in Post- Earthquake Relief Efforts in Haiti

Employees at MOL (America) Inc. took part as volunteers in the creation of dried food by the Salvation Army for those affected by the major earthquake in Haiti.


Cooperation with UNHCR Activities

In 2006, MOL assisted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) through the transport of material aid and other needed assistance. UNHCR is a UN agency that works to protect and assist refugees forced to flee their homes due to armed conflict or persecution. Over the years, MOL has donated money for the purchase of emergency shelters and cooking stoves, and has transported a total of seven 20-foot equivalent units of containers of these materials free of charge from south China to the UNHCR supply base in the UAE. In June 2010, Mr. Amin Awad, a director from UNHCR Headquarters, paid a visit to MOL to express appreciation for its ongoing cooperation and support. Going forward, MOL will continue to assist in the activities of the UNHCR through the ocean transport of material assistance to those in need.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Pledges to Assist with UNHCR Aid Transport and Purchase of Emergency Supplies


Supporting an Orphanage

MOL-Information Processing Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. [MOL-IPS (India)] provided support for an orphanage in Mumbai, donating books, stationery, and clothes, and setting up a playground where the youngsters can play safely after school. The employees visited the orphanage in person to help set up the ground, sharing the joy with children.


Relief Efforts in Areas Affected by Volcanic Eruption

When Mount Merapi erupted on the island of Java, P.T. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Indonesia provided monetary contributions and employee donations to assist those affected, while employees traveled to the affected area to distribute material assistance by hand to those in need.


The MOL Group Collaboration for Soap Collection Project

The MOL Group has taken part in activities by NPO Happy Steps as part of a project initiated to donating soap to developing countries. MOL helped transport soap to East African port of Mombasa, which also serves as the gateway port to Uganda. Furthermore, Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Line, Ltd. and MOL Ferry Co., Ltd. cooperated in providing discarded soap.

This project involves the donation of discarded soap by hotels in Japan. Happy Steps then donates the soap to orphanages and elementary school at the hand wash education. This project helps to improve sanitary conditions in Uganda.


Providing Secondhand Containers to Support Reconstruction in Quake-damaged Areas of Ecuador

MOL contributed secondhand cargo containers to serve as emergency shelters for victims left homeless after the severe earthquake in Ecuador in May 2016. We also stepped up to transport drinking water and other aid supplies.


Fundraising a Event for Animal Protection

In August 2012, MOL Melbourne and Sydney held a special fundraising event with all donations going towards the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


Providing Voluntary Transport Service of Sporting Goods to Ghana

MOL provided voluntary transport service of sporting goods to Ghana as a consortium member of the international contribution program "Sport For Tomorrow (SFT)"(*1). We transported a total of 11,538 items, such as soccer shoes, which were collected by other organizations, corporate partners, and individuals. The items were donated to the organizer and participants of a sports event through Enije(*2). MOL is the first ocean shipping company to provide large-scale support for SFT programs.

(*1) Sport For Tomorrow (SFT): The Japanese government is committed to creating a brighter future through the power of sports, helping more than 10 million people in over 100 countries from 2014 until 2020. With the Sport for Tomorrow program, Japan aims to be involved in the promotion of sporting values.

(*2) Enije: Led by its representative David Yano, the organization began operations in 2007, and was incorporated in 2012. Its activities center on education in Ghana and Japan, supporting independence through construction of schools, education of teachers, and promotion of sports.

In-house Blood Drive

A shortage of blood for transfusions has become a serious issue in the Republic of Ghana. MOL Ghana Ltd. held an in-house blood drive in cooperation with the West African Rescue Association (WARA). Many employees volunteered to donate blood for this worthy cause.


Transporting Medical Vehicles

Since 2010, MOL has been helping transport medical vehicles and other cargo to Phnom Penh in support of the certified NPO Side By Side International (SBSI). These vehicles, which were handed over to medical institutions, including national hospitals in Cambodia, are serving at the frontline of emergency medical treatment.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Earns Commendation from Cambodian Government for Role in Transport of Medical Vehicles and Equipment


Courses on International Customs Clearance and Trading Rules

MOL Group company Japan Express Co., Ltd. dispatched an executive to a project conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to lecture on compliance and rules in international trade to customs agents in five east African nations.


Transport of Used Shoes to Zambia/Providing Secondhand Containers

MOL has transported used shoes to Zambia since 2010 in cooperation with the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP*). Shoes are collected at Sogo and Seibu department stores and ItoYokado supermarkets. MOL also donates secondhand containers to Zambia to serve as Maternity House, a standby facility to help expectant and nursing mothers.

(*) The Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning(JOICFP) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that contributes to the welfare of local residents by conducting research related to family planning and maternal and child health in developing nations.

Zambia / Ghana / Kenya

Transporting Material Assistance to Africa from Hong Kong

In 2010 and 2012, MOL assisted in transporting material assistance bound for Africa (Zambia, Ghana and Kenya)from Hong Kong-based charitable organization Crossroads Foundation. The foundation collects unused furniture, school supplies, clothing and other items from within Hong Kong for distribution to orphanages, schools, clinics, disaster victims and others in need within Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas. Based on a proposal by local subsidiary in Hong Kong MOL (Asia) Ltd., MOL decided to lend its cooperation to the foundation’s work, which takes advantage of Hong Kong’s geographic position as a global hub for container transport.


Cleaning up the Sea Shore

In April 2012, MOL (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. organized an environmental outing to clean the beaches along East Coast Park. MOL volunteers and family participated in this care for the marine environment event.

Sri Lanka

Transportation of Mosquito Nets

We provided marine transport for mosquito nets to Sri Lanka in support of Japanese Red Cross Society. These 442 mosquito nets, which were handed over to the inhabitants in Sri Lanka, are serving for Dengue prevention and insect pest control.


Somalia support project

Seven companies including MOL(*), had provided financial assistance for theUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Somalia Project to help eradicate piracy by strengthening community resilience through local economic development, job creation and supportfor entrepreneurs.
The project provided Somalia’s youth with vocational skills training and micro grants to improve their livelihood. They also built market facilities and a business service center aimed at revitalizing the regional economy. The project helps ensure safe operations off the coast of Somalia and neighboring nations.

(*) Shell, BP, Maersk, Stena, NYK, K Line and MOL


Supporting for Thai Floods Relief Efforts

In the wake of the floods that hit Thailand in October 2011, MOL made monetary contributions, donated containers for water-containment walls, and transported aid supplies.

Relief Efforts in Flooded Areas

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provided monetary contributions in response to major flooding in October 2010. The company also used its own automotive vehicles to transport material assistance which the employees helped distribute.

Thailand / Cambodia

Transporting Medical and Health Supplies

In October 2010, MOL lent its cooperation to the ocean transport of medical masks and other medical and health supplies to Thailand and Cambodia as part of measures to counter infectious disease by certified NPO PH-Japan (PHJ). PHJ’s guiding philosophy is a dedication to helping people everywhere live healthy lives, with the NPO supporting developing countries primarily across Asia. The recent shipment of medical masks for distribution to healthcare providers at hospitals and clinics came at the request of both the Thai and Cambodian governments. MOL assisted in the transport of a total of three 20-foot equivalent units of containers of these materials.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Cooperates on Ocean Transport of Medical and Health Supplies to Thailand and Cambodia


Support for Tree Planting

MOL collects used stamps and cards from its own employees and those at Group companies, which it sends to Tanzania Pole Pole Club, a citizen’s group in Tokyo. The group then sells the stamps and cards to collectors, using the funds to support tree-planting activities by Tanzanian villagers.

Transporting Clothing for Children

MOL provides transport assistance for With All Our Hearts(*), an international contribution project sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Justice. In this project, second-hand children’s clothing salvaged by MIKI HOUSE Co., Ltd. at its 150 retail stores across Japan is sent to the Mine Rehabilitation Program Center in Yamaguchi Prefecture, where it is washed, sorted, embroidered and packaged by women correctional inmates. The clothing is then donated to children in Tanzania, where international cooperation NGO JOICFP is involved in support activities around health maintenance and sanitation. MOL’s assistance ranges from the provision of a container for shipment from Japan free of charge to the ocean transport of this container to Tanzania. (The shipment is scheduled for February 2011.)

(*) The Ministry of Justice has issued a press release on the project.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Pitches in to Provide Ocean Transport of Children’s Clothing Donations for Tanzania


Relief Efforts for Earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province

In April 2013, MOL donated the equivalent of ¥2 million to The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China to the afflicted people in Sichuan. Also our group companies in China and in Hong Kong, "MOL (China) Co., Ltd", "MOL (Asia) Ltd.", "MOL Liner Ltd." and "MOL (HK) Agency Limited", worked on the fund-raising from executives and employees.

MOL Press Release:
Emergency Relief for Earthquake afflicted people in China’s Sichuan Province

Tree Planting

MOL (China) Co., Ltd. conducted tree planting for environmental protection as well as for team building.


Transporting Aid Supplies for Chilean Earthquake Relief

When a massive earthquake struck Chile in February 2010, MOL not only sent 3 million yen in monetary contributions, but transported relief supplies from Melbourne, Australia to Chile. This delivery came at the request of the Chilean consul general in Melbourne in response to a public commitment by MOL to transport material assistance to the affected region free of charge in the wake of the disaster. All told, MOL shipped four 40-foot containers, loaded with four tons of medical supplies and 150 hospital beds the Chilean community in Australia collected, utilizing its container fleet network to transport the aid to the Chilean port of Valparaiso.


MOL Teams Up with Sogo & Seibu and International NGO JOICFP(*) to Build Awareness of Ocean Shipping

MOL provides transport service for used children’s shoes that Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd. collected and donated through its trade-in service to Zambia, in cooperation with the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP). Recently, the three parties cooperated on a project that not only promoted donations of shoes, but also enlightened the public about maritime affairs. Called "Experience the World of Oceans and Ships," the event was held at a Sogo & Seibu store, and included information panels about shoe donation projects and featured a quiz game led by an MOL marine officer.

(*) JOICFP: The Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that contributes to the welfare of local residents by conducting research related to family planning and maternal and child health in developing nations.

MOL Hosts Internal Lecture by Organization that Supports Emerging Countries

MOL invited the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP) to explain its various initiatives to reduce maternal mortality in emerging countries and volunteer activities that individuals can take part in. We also invited an NGO called The Volunteers Group to Send Wheelchairs to Overseas Children(*) to talk about the significance of its work, how it affects the lives of disabled children, and the specifics of its wheelchair donation and repair activities.

(*) NGO The Volunteers Group to Send Wheelchairs to Overseas Children: Established in 2004, the group collects used wheelchairs outgrown by children in Japan, cleans, repairs, and services them, and donates them to physically disabled children overseas. To date it has donated 5,711 wheelchairs to children in 23 nations.

Volunteer Activities in Flood-stricken Joso City

MOL employees listened to the stories of those affected when the Kinugawa River flooded Joso City on September 10, 2015, the sequence of experiences up to the present time, and the reminiscences of a couple who owned a noodle factory severely damaged in the flood. It really hit home that anyone could be a victim of such a disaster and employees felt the pain of losing more than money could ever replace. It was also an opportunity to think about what we could do. Our employees joined in to dismantle the damaged structure, removed flood debris, and produced a signboard announcing that the former factory is now a community center where people can come to relax and share their experience. They experienced things in a way that is only possible when visiting in person and seeing with one’s own eyes, came to appreciate the onsite-first principle, and fully understood the difficulties of reconstruction.

Pledging Support for People Afflicted by Kumamoto Earthquake

The MOL Group donated ¥30 million to help with rescue and support activities after a recent earthquake in the Kumamoto region. In addition, we launched a charity donation drive within the MOL Group and donated a total of about ¥4.3 million.

Establishing a Recycling Program for Lashing Belts Used in Car Carriers

Until now, when lashing belts used to secure vehicles in car carriers reached the end of their useful lives, they were treated as industrial waste, but we planned and established a unique new recycling program. We entrust the work of preparing the belts for recycling to a non-profit organization in Oita Prefecture that creates employment opportunities for disabled workers.


Yoshiharu Hanamiya,
Chairman of the Oita City Conference of Support for Disabled Employment

Employees can enthusiastically engage in this work, so their productivity increases as they get used to doing the job. At present, they can separate more than 1,000 belts per day. And their wages have increased, so they are more motivated than ever to work.
I want to thank everyone who helped create this program, which provides such a great opportunity.

Supporting UN World Food Programme and Participating in Related Events.

MOL participates in the Japan Association for the UN World Food Programme, an organization that coordinates private-sector support for the program, and provides support for it in the form of donations and the like. Employees also volunteer and participate continuously in a charity event, "WFP Walk the World," which is held to prevent children around the world from going hungry.

Donating Vessel Photos to Maritime Educational Institutes

In commemoration of the 130th anniversary of our company’s foundation, we donated vessel photographs to nine maritime educational instituted in Japan.

Participation in Forest Planting and Thinning Activities

Since 2009, employee volunteers from Group company M.O. Tourist Co., Ltd. taken part in JATA Forest, a tree planting and thinning activity sponsored by the Japan Association of Travel Agents.

Private-sector Company Training for Teachers

Since 1994, MOL has accepted participants in an internship program to instruct school teachers about private-sector companies sponsored by the Keizai Koho Center-Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs. In fiscal 2012, MOL hosted 10 teachers from Tokyo for internship sessions and onsite observation that took place over three days during summer vacation in August. In addition to topics such as shipping and an overview of MOL businesses, the internship sessions highlighted MOL’s approach to CSR activities and safe operation measures, and participants toured the MOL Safety Operation Supporting Center (SOSC). As an opportunity to see and experience MOL’s operations up-close, they also visited MOL’s container terminal and distribution center in Ohi, Tokyo, and the cruise ship Nippon Maru, and experienced firsthand the bridge simulator.

Furthermore, in fiscal 2012, MOL accepted a tour for elementary school student in Safety Operation Supporting Center (SOSC), which is serving information portal, and introduced measures to ensure safe operations.

Assisting in Marine and Hydrographic Research

For many years, MOL has observed marine weather and reported its observations to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and other weather organizations around the world. The contribution of these activities to advances in meteorological precision has been recognized externally. The car carrier Solar Wing was awarded a commendation in fiscal 2011 by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, while the LNG carrier LNG Vesta and the steaming coal carrier Soma Maru.

Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Transporting JSDF Vehicles and Troops by Ferry

March 17, 2011 Sunflower Sapporo loading JSDF vehicles at the port of Tomakomai

Group company MOL Ferry Co., Ltd. transported some 3,700 Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) troops and about 1,260 emergency vehicles for providing relief to the disaster-hit regions. Four ferries made a total of 10 trips from the port of Tomakomai to the port of Aomori from March 13 to March 22, 2011.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Ferry Helps Transport JSDF Personnel, Vehicles

Free Emergency Support for Relief Supplies

Immediately after the earthquake, there were severe shortages of food and daily necessities in the disaster-hit regions. Drawing on our MOL Group network and transport capabilities, MOL procured (19 10-ton truck loads of) relief supplies and delivered them free of charge to customers and municipalities in the disaster-hit regions. Free Transport of Relief Supplies from Abroad Responding to requests for transport of relief supplies from overseas, MOL provided free transport services for supplies sent from other countries. We transported the equivalent of 36 20-foot containers filled with drinking water, bedding, masks and other supplies to the disasterhit regions free of charge, as well as large quantities of building materials for temporary housing at special rates.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Group Companies Transport Aid Supplies to Quake-stricken Areas

Free Transport of Relief Supplies from Abroad

Responding to requests for transport of relief supplies from overseas, MOL provided free transport services for supplies sent from other countries. We transported the equivalent of 36 20-foot containers filled with drinking water, bedding, masks and other supplies to the disasterhit regions free of charge, as well as large quantities of building materials for temporary housing at special rates.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Extends Period to Transport Aid Supplies from Overseas

Donations for Disaster Relief

  • MOL donated a total of ¥50 million for immediate disaster relief to Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture and the Japanese Red Cross Society.
  • Donations were solicited from executives, employees and seafarers in the MOL Group, and a total of approximately ¥63 million was raised and donated for relief and recovery efforts to the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Central Community Chest of Japan and other organizations.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Raises ¥55 Million to Assist Rescue and Relief Efforts

Cruise Ship Fuji Maru Supports Relief Efforts

From April 11 to April 17, 2011, MOL arranged for the ocean-going cruise ship Fuji Maru to call in at several ports in Iwate Prefecture that were severely damaged by the tsunami: Ofunato, Kamaishi and Miyako. The Fuji Maru provided nutritionally-balanced meals for afflicted people, a large public bath and cabins as private space free of charge. A total of 4,451 people used these amenities. Messages of support from MOL executives and employees and 13 overseas bases were displayed inside the vessel. We received many messages of appreciation from people who used the Fuji Maru during the port visits.

MOL Press Release:
Update report on Cruise Ship Fuji Maru Calls at Ports in Iwate Prefecture

Donation of Book Coupons and Maritime-related Books to Junior High Schools in Affected Areas - Group Employees Donate 6,900 Books

A month-long book drive, from August to September 2014, solicited donations of used books from group executives and employees. In all, we received about 6,900 books. We purchased book coupons and books about vessels and the sea, which were funded by the sale of used books and donations from the company, and then donated those coupons and books to the following schools in the affected areas, upon recommendation of the boards of education in three cities-Ofunato, Kamaishi, and Miyako - where the Fuji Maru called to provide aid and support shortly after the earthquake.

Group Employees Donate 6,900Books

  • Akasaki Junior High School in Ofunato City
  • Kamaishi Junior High School in Kamaishi City
  • Sakiyama Junior High School in Miyako City
Books donated by group companies
Presenting book coupons at Sakiyama Junior High SchoolMOL Cooperate Planning Division CSR and Environment Office General Manager Junichi Nagata (left) and Principal of Sakiyama Junior high school Kazuyuki Onodera (right)

Marine Officers Present Career Education Lecture at Junior High Schools in Affected Areas - Attended by 327 Students at 3 Schools

In November 2014, MOL presented a career education lecture titled "Experience the Job of Ocean Shipping" for students at the three schools listed above.

While junior high schools in Japan offer "career education," encouraging students to think about their future jobs by listening to workers’ stories and experiencing corporate activities, there are few companies in the quake-stricken areas, so in reality, those schools offer limited opportunities in this regard. To address this issue, many companies went to the affected areas and presented various programs about different careers – what the jobs entail and the satisfaction the workers gain from them. We took a similar approach, presenting a lecture about the ocean shipping industry and the jobs of crewmembers, with the goal of helping students expand their career horizons.

Before the lecture, we visited the Japan Red Cross and received advice the emotional state of the children in the quake-damaged communities. The lecture helped students understand the structure of the ocean shipping industry through a quiz that had them connect ship types, cargoes, and routes, and with various photos that conveyed seafarers’ joy in their day-to-day work aboard MOL Group vessels.(Attended by 327 students at 3 School)

Lecture at Kamaishi Junior High School
Students’ comments posted at the Tokyo Head Office

Teachers and Students Share their Impressions After the Lecture

  • There are so many jobs in the world. I will search out my favorite things and find a job that lets me do those things. (Student at Akasaki Junior High School)
  • I didn’t know how deeply ships are involved in our livelihood. I don’t yet know what my dream job is, so I am going to think about my career based on today’s lecture. (Student at Sakiyama Junior High School)
  • Some students have decided to work in their hometowns, but I think the lecture motivated some of them to think about connecting with the world through the sea. (Kazuyuki Onodeara, Principal of Sakiyama Junior High School)

The MOL Group continues its proactive approach to supporting the recovery of the people and communities affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Container Terminal Tours

Together with Group companies Utoc Corporation and Shosen Koun Co., Ltd., MOL has for many years given tours of container terminals-trade gateways for Japan-to junior and senior high school students, as well as adults, out of a desire to teach people the roles played by ocean shipping and port operation.

Charity Event Draws Attention to Child Hunger

MOL held a charity event to help the World Food Programme (WFP(*))’s school meal initiative. The event gave executives and employees the chance to taste the same kind of meals provided through the aid program and purchase WFP charity merchandise, with all the proceeds going to the WFP. More than 300 people took part in the event. Their contributions through the event will help provide about 4,000 children with nutritious meals.

(*) The World Food Programme (WFP) is part of the United Nations system and the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. It implements school meal programs to ensure that every child has access to education, health, and nutrition.

Head Office Visit by Marine Technology Grad Students from Delft University

MOL welcomed 34 graduate students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in a visit to the Tokyo Head Office. We showed them the Safety Operation Supporting Center (SOSC), and MOL employees enjoyed an active exchange of opinions about our response to environmental issues.

Presenting Marine Day Event to let people come in contact with the Sea and the Ships

MOL presented tours of a containership, container terminal, cruise ship, and ferry, and offered guests the opportunity to experience the ship operation simulator, in cooperation with the Japanese Shipowners’ Association and the Japan Captains’ Association.

[ Voices of Participants ]

  • It was a rare opportunity to see the inside of the ship.
  • It was amazing to see how big the containership was.

MOL Presents Dialogue between Miyako City Mayor and Local Youth aboard Nippon Maru

MOL invited Miyako City Mayor Masanori Yamamoto and university students and adults living in the city to a dialogue event aboard the cruise ship Nippon Maru during a call at the port of Miyako, Iwate Prefecture.

Comment from Miyako City Mayor Masanori Yamamoto

"Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. created the program, which invited 21 university students and adults living in the city to exchange opinions and ideas. The visit provided an opportunity for the younger generation, which will create the future of the region, to rediscover the attractiveness of the area and strengthen their ties with each other. During the dialogue, the participants shared their ideas of"My Favorite Miyako," and discussed ways to promote the region’s attractions to more people."

"We received comments from university students who took part in the dialogue such as: ‘For me, who grew up in an urban city, Miyako’s nature itself is very attractive,’ ‘I was moved to find out that scenes we see every day are amazing to people coming to Miyako from outside the prefecture,’ and ‘I usually have few opportunities to meet people of my generation, so it was very good to have an opportunity for exchange. I want to continue this.’

"I heard some very valuable opinions, too. Everyone has the same feeling about wanting to promote Miyako City. I hope the young people come up with a lot of ideas and measures to do this."

Masanori Yamamoto Miyako City Mayor


Effort to Aid Quake-stricken Areas in Nepal

Distributing relief supplies in Kathmandu, Nepal
(Photo by "Asian Children’s Dream")

MOL has provided ocean transport of relief supplies donated by the non-governmental organization "Asian Children’s Dream(*)" to assist those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. MOL transported about 6,000 items such as warm clothing and blankets to four villages, located at 5,000 meters above sea level in the northeastern part of Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal.

(*) A non-governmental organization in Toyama that assists the afflicted people in Asia’s developing nations and in areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Transport of Relief Supplies to Areas Affected by Flooding

Record-breaking torrential rains from July to August 2010 triggered massive flooding in northwestern Pakistan. As emergency assistance, MOL provided 2 million yen in monetary contributions and used its container ships to transport a 40-foot container of blankets, clothing and other aid to the affected area free of charge.


Transporting Used Wheelchairs for Children

As an activity unique to a shipping company, MOL Group provides free ocean transport to all over the world. In Oct 2014, we provided ocean transport of used wheelchairs from Japan to Paraguay, where they were delivered to needy children. Paraguayan Ambassador to Japan Naoyuki Toyotoshi presented MOL with a letter of appreciation from Secretaria National por los Derechos Humanos de las Personas con Discapacidad (SENADIS) Minister Rocio Florentin Gomez.

Transporting Fire Engines

A Fire Engine at the Port of Asuncion, Paraguay

Since 2010, MOL has transported fire engines to Paraguay in cooperation with the Paraguayan Embassy in Tokyo.
In January 2016, seven fire engines arrived at the Port of Asuncion. The engines will help the nation upgrade its firefighting and public safety capabilities.

The Philippines

Construction of Daycare Center

In November 2012, MOL opened a daycare center in Navotas in the Philippines. This facility will provide education for pre-school children, health checkups, meals for underprivileged people, and other services. This program was launched based on a proposal from Philippines-based company Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc., following the collection of "Social Contribution Activity Proposals" from MOL Group companies in fiscal 2010. The daycare center was built not only with the donations, but also the volunteer work of Filipino seafarers and families, and MOL Group including MMM land-based personnel. This effort represents the MOL Group’s realization of social contribution in harmony with the community. More than half of MOL’s seafarers come from the Philippines, and we believe that this daycare center will deepen ties with the country.

In June 2013, the center provided a medical and dental program not only for the children learning there but also for their parents . Furthermore, there was distribution of school supplies and bags.

Supporting Typhoon Relief Efforts in Mindanao

In December 2011, in the wake of the deadly typhoon on Mindanao in the Philippines, MOL took several steps to support relief efforts. In addition to monetary contributions, the company dispatched the training ship Spirit of MOL to transport aid supplies provided by MOL and the Philippine government from Manila to the disaster-hit region. Captain and cadets distributed the supplies directly to those affected by the storm and helped with cleanup efforts at a school damaged by the typhoon. In February 2012, Philippine House of Representatives commends MOL for these support.

MOL Press Release:
Update: Supporting Typhoon Relief Efforts in Mindanao, the Philippines - MOL Training Ship Spirit of MOL Transports Aid Supplies; Volunteer Work on Site
Philippine House of Representatives Commends MOL for Support of Typhoon Relief Efforts in Mindanao

Relief Efforts for Luzon Island Typhoon

When the Philippine island of Luzon was struck by a typhoon in September 2009, MOL sent $40,000 in monetary contributions. In parallel, the staff of Magsaysay MOL Marine Inc., a seafarer staffing firm in the MOL Group, supplied relief provisions, and the 160 cadets of various nationalities on board the training vessel Spirit of MOL participated in a cleanup of elementary schools that had been flooded.

Transporting Wheelchairs to the Philippines

MOL provided free transport of 90 used wheelchairs for children in the Philippines. The wheelchairs were donated to the non-profit organization The Volunteers Group to Send Wheelchairs to Overseas Children, which recognized our contribution at a ceremony in the Philippines, and in a letter of appreciation.

Burkina Faso

Transportation of Desks and Chairs by Sea

We provided marine transport for school desks and chairs used with care for many years before they were donated by elementary schools in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, to children in Burkina Faso. In June 2011, the desks and chairs filled with the aspirations of children were donated to elementary schools in Burkina Faso, where they are now proving useful in a new location.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Transports Desks and Chairs for an Elementary School in Burkina Faso - Received Commendation from Ambassador and Elementary School


Transporting Wheelchairs for the Disabled

MOL provides assistance to Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM), an NPO dedicated to delivering wheelchairs to disabled persons in developing countries. FWM is a U.S.-based NPO established in 2001. The organization’s founder devised a method for the low-cost manufacture of wheelchairs. After production at a factory in China, the wheelchairs have since passed through supply bases in the United States on their way to 86 different countries (as of August 2012).
Based on a proposal by U.S.-based subsidiary MOL (America) Inc., MOL began cooperating from 2006 on the transport of wheelchairs procured by FWM in China to the United States. By 2013, MOL had transported 18 40-foot containers of wheel chairs.

Support for Building a Bridge in a Rural Area

MOL (Vietnam) Co., Ltd provides assistance to building a bridge in rural area, which made it safe for villagers to travel and allow their children to get to school. After three month of construction, a grand opening ceremony was held. At the ceremony, MOLVN also donated gifts such as bicycles for disadvantaged children in this area.

Hong Kong

Kid’s Fun Day with the theme "Ocean"

In September 2012, MOL (Asia)Ltd. arranged a Kid’s Fun Day. With the theme "Ocean", the event was designed as a fun day in an art jam studio for underprivileged children. It also aimed at raising the children’s awareness about protecting marine life through exciting games and a painting contest.

Cleaning up the Sea Shore

In October 2011, 30 MOL volunteers and family members demonstrated our commitment to protecting the marine environment.

Certificate of Appreciation from a Charitable Organization

MOL (Asia) Ltd. was honored by St. James’ Settlement, a charitable organization in Hong Kong, with a certificate of appreciation for its many social contribution activities over the years, as the organization marked its 60th anniversary.

Lights-off Hour Event and Blood Donation Program at MOL Global Offices

MOL, Hong Kong-based MOL Liner, Ltd., and other MOL Group companies - 17 in all - joined the lights-off hour event called "Earth Hour 2016" organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to promote environmental protection. MOL Liner and other group companies in Hong Kong also participated in a blood donation drive that resulted in more than 50 employees giving blood.

(*) WWF is one of the world’s largest leading conservation organizations, working in more than 100 countries. Its efforts focus on promoting biodiversity and preventing global warming.

Hong Kong/Malaysia/Japan

Coastal Cleanup

A group of 78 enthusiastic colleagues from MOL Liner Ltd. and their family members pitched in for the International Coastal Cleanup 2014. Our group has participated in volunteer beach cleanup activities since 2000, starting in Japan and this activity has now spread overseas. In FY 2014,144 colleagues took part in a beach cleanup in Japan, while 40 colleagues took part in Malaysia.
The beach cleanup increases environmental awareness among employees, and helps foster a culture of safety among group executives and employees.


Planting 100 Mangrove Seedlings

Since 2011, Mitsui O.S. K. Lines (Malaysia) has conducted mangrove preservation. In 2012, volunteers worked to replant and clean up the old mangrove site, and had a boat tour of mangrove forest along the river as part of our education on the mangrove.

South Africa

Transportation of Secondhand Books

Since 1993, MOL has been supporting NPO Together with Africa and Asia Association (TAAA) and provided marine transport for secondhand books to South Africa. Total 400 thousands books donated through TAAA are serving for improving long-neglected education in disadvantaged areas in South Africa.


Providing Free Ocean Transport of Medical Shipment to Myanmar

MOL supported PH-Japan’s (Peoples’ HOPE Japan’s - PHJ) Myanmar healthcare program to provide free transportation of PH-Japan’s container filled with 2000 units of digital thermometers and electronic blood pressure manometers to hospitals and medical facilities in Myanmar. This is the first instance of MOL support in the form of free transport of goods to Myanmar.
The medical instruments were shipped from Yokohama port on June 21 and arrived at the Port of Yangon, Myanmar, on July 17. On August 11, a magnificent ceremony marking the arrival of medical equipment was held.

MOL Press Release:
MOL Provides Free Ocean Transport of Medical Shipment to Myanmar - First to Myanmar, expanding regions for its social contribution activities -


Pledging Emergency Support to Combat Spread of Ebola

In September 2014, we provided a monetary donation to help the Republic of Liberia cope with the rapid spread of the Ebola virus. We arranged for Liberian ship registry companies LISCR Japan and LISCR LLC(*) to allocate the donation towards much-needed materials and medical equipment, such as surgical gloves, face masks, soap, chlorine, and antibiotics, to be air transported from the U.S. to Liberia.

The Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (CEO: Scott Bergeron; headquarters: Virginia, U.S.)

株式会社 商船三井 環境・サステナビリティ戦略部 サステナビリティ統括チーム, 株式会社 商船三井 経営企画部 総合企画チーム, 株式会社 商船三井 コーポレートコミュニケーション部 コミュニケーション企画チーム, 株式会社 商船三井 MBS コミュニケーションサポート部 MBS コミュニケーションサポート部, 人事部, 株式会社 商船三井 海上安全部 海務チーム, 株式会社 商船三井 海上安全部 安全推進チーム, 株式会社 商船三井 海上安全部 船員政策チーム, 株式会社 商船三井 海上安全部 船員教育・訓練チーム, 株式会社 商船三井 海上安全部 安全運航支援センター, 株式会社 商船三井 技術部 技術イノベーションチーム, 株式会社 商船三井 スマートシッピング推進部 スマートシップ戦略チーム, 商船三井システムズ株式会社 ICT 戦略推進部 ICT 戦略推進第一チーム
Social Contribution Activities
MOL’s primary social contribution activities

MOL's primary social contribution activities

U.S. Forest Protection Activity Inspired by MOL Head Office’s bea...

Social Contribution Activities
Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

MOL's Social Contribution Policies Contribution to Sustainable ...